Pink Mermaid Tail Pencil Case
Mermaid Tail
girl with mermaid tail
pink pencil case
pink pencil case for mermaids
opening of pencil case with zipper
purple mermaid tail pencil case
teal turquoise pencil case for mermaid tail
Sir Winslows Zoo

Mermaid Tail Pencil Case

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Mermaids are an important part of ocean life. Off the coast of Australia, there is an underwater colony where many of them live. Sir Winslow was only able to observe them from a distance. But he noted all the wonderful colors and patterns that made up their tails.

There are many uses for the mermaid tails besides being a pencil case. All kids need a toy bag. What about birthday present? It would be perfect for an Ipod case or any small gadget. A boy gift or a girl gift? If you wear make up it can be your cosmetic case. Lighten things up and have it hold your menstrual supplies.

Each mermaid tail is made with a crazy quilt technique which makes them all a bit different. Fully lined with pink fabric, measures 6 x 10 inches and it opens several inches with a zipper mouth. Yes, it will hold a full size nicely sharpened pencil.

Please allow a week to be shipped.

I don't smoke and neither do the mermaids.

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