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Memory Pillow from Granny's Quilt

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Have you been holding on to your grandma's quilt, loving the memories they invoke, but not really knowing what to do with them? I will create a special gift for Mother's Day or really any holiday to help you hold on to those memories. Instead of tucked away in a trunk let the quilt hold a place of honor in the shape of their favorite animal.

Working with a quilt that had rips or is stained in not a problem. Most likely we can cut around it or "patch" it. We will work together to create a very special stuffed animal for you.

This poem is a suggestion, I can embroidery whatever words you would like to include:
This is a quilt
That I held dear
Hold it close
When you need me near.
I will work with you to ensure your keepsake pillow is a sweet reminder by using button eyes, premium fabric, and poly fiberfill. 

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