Boy Holding an Alligator Pencil Case
green pencil case
Alligator Pencil Case-Pencil Case-Sir Winslows Zoo
Alligator Pencil Case full of pencils
Crocodile pencil case
Alligator Pencil Case-Pencil Case-Sir Winslows Zoo
Sir Winslows Zoo

Alligator Pencil Case

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Alligators and crocodiles are found all over the world. Sir Winslow came across them in many of his travels. Several times he had special boxes built so he could take them to Windy Willows to have at his zoo. His favorite alligator was the Chinese Alligator. This was because the Chinese alligator was fully armored; even its belly which Sir Winslow thought was very ingenious.

There are many uses for the alligator beside being a pencil case. All kids need a toy bag. What about a birthday present for a shark lover to keep their sunglasses in. It would be perfect for an iPod case or any small gadget. A boy gift or a girl gift for the kids who love nature? If you wear makeup it can be your cosmetic case. Lighten things up and have it hold your menstrual supplies. So many wonderful uses for the green crocodile.

Each crocodile pouch is made with a crazy quilt technique. I use scraps of green fabric to create the top layer of the alligator so they are all a bit different. Each pencil pouch will be unique, just like alligators in nature. They are fully lined with red fabric, measure 6 x 12 inches and it opens several inches with a zipper belly. Yes, it will hold a full size nicely sharpened pencil.

Please allow a week to be made and then shipped.

The alligators come from a smoke-free swamp.


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