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dolphin stuffed animal
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Dolphin Stuffed Animal for Child
Dolphin Stuffed Animal for Child
Dolphin Stuffed Animal for Child
Sir Winslows Zoo

Dolphin Stuffed Animal for Child

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In Sir Winslow's expedition journals there are many fun and fascinating stories. But none so delightful as the story of when dolphins were encountered for the first time during one of his voyages. As the ship was sailing along the coast of Brazil a pod of dolphins came alongside the ship. These creatures were jumping out of the water, riding waves and play fighting with each other. it amused the crew for hours. Sir Winslow was able to capture many of these moments in his journals.

Your best friend the narwhale is waiting for you here at Sir Winslow’s Zoo. Pick out a special stuffie that makes you smile. Then your new friend can join you on amazing adventures or read a book with you. When it’s time for snoozing they will keep you snuggly safe.

The stuffed animal is made with cotton fabric, felt, and buttons. All my plush are cut out individually by hand so there will be variations. It is what gives them character and personality. He measures 18 x 4 inches from the end of his fin to the tip of his nose. The dolphin is stuffed with poly fiberfill and is machine washable. Will need to be air-dried or dried on a delicate setting.

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