Doggie Stuffed Pillow
Doggie Stuffed Pillow
Doggie Stuffed Pillow
Sir Winslows Zoo

Doggie Stuffed Pillow

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Dogs at Sir Winslow's estate of Windy Willows were truly unique creatures. Each breed has their own markings as well as color. This one was purple. That one was blue. More are browns and blacks! The colors meant special things. The mama dog and her puppies were allowed free access to the butterfly gardens where they loved to romp in the cool grass. What a delightful life they had. This doggie is recreated from the photos Sir Winslow entrusted to me as well as notes from his field journals.

Choosing an animal from Sir Winslow’s Zoo is choosing your best friend. You will smile and take them on amazing adventures. When you need a hug or snuggle time, your best friend is right beside you. The animals love to read books and keep you safe while sleeping.

They are made from minky, cotton and felt.

Large dog pillow measures 12 by 20 inches, each of the puppy pillows is 8 by 10. sizes approximate.

All my items are cut out individually by hand so there will be variations. It is what gives the decorative pillows character and personality. Please ask for color variations and each set can be customized to suit your wishes. The pillow is stuffed with poly fiber fill and is machine washable. Will need to be air dried or on a delicate setting.

Please allow a week for shipping. More time will be needed for custom orders.

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