The Zookeepers


New News at the Zoo:

I'm so excited to be sharing this news with all of you! Sir Winslow's Zoo will be giving small penguins to local children's hospitals with a card attached. It tells a little bit about our mother and her life. She was diagnosed with diabetes at age 4. We would also like to donate a portion of our proceeds to the JDRF and Camp Hertko (in Iowa) in her honor. If you know a hospital who would benefit from a box of penguins please contact us thru our contact page.


The Keepers at the Zoo

Meg and Beth the zookeepers

Meg started sewing at a young age. Her grandma taught her how to make doll clothes. Then they moved on to clothes for Meg and her sister Beth. In high school, Meg took her talents and began attending craft shows. Her best selling item was a Mammie doll that she painted by hand. She lives in Iowa along with her husband and 4 kids. She tolerates the dog, a cat (5 kittens), one chicken and 4 ducks.

Beth got her sewing start a bit later in life during Jr. High home economics classes. She has always loved craft projects and brings her own unique flair to the Zoo. Her help with organizing and bookkeeping gives Meg the freedom to create and sew. Quilting is her passion and you will see a new line of baby quilts and lap quilts coming soon! She resides in Illinois with her husband, two children, and one cat.

The History of the Zoo

936 Main

Back in the late 80's (don't judge please) the parents of Beth and Meg loved to entertain. It was mostly friends of the girls but sometimes adults too. Their favorite thing to do was silly suppers. Included with the menu given to each guest was the story of Sir Winslow. As high school girls do there were lots of sleep-overs so they started calling their home Sir Winslow's Bed and Breakfast. What started out as something fun for their family has spilled over into other areas of their lives. When Meg began making the pillows from her own patterns in 2013, it was a natural thing to use the backstory they had created so long ago.  

Emily (Meg's daughter) pointed out that they don't want people to think that the story of Sir Winslow is real. So it's fake people, it's fake!