brown bat being held by a boy
brown bat stuffed animal
little boy smiling holding his plush bat
stuffed animal bat held in front of boy
Little boy holding his brown bat stuffed animal
brown bat plushie perched on a rock
boy sitting on a rock holding his brown bat stuffie
brown bat stuffed animal in a pine tree
little boy squeezing his plush brown bat with love
brown bat hanging from a branch with fall leaves
Sir Winslow's Zoo

Bat Stuffed Animal Plushie

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Affectionately named Pointy, this brown bat was a welcome addition to the Windy Willow estate. Bats are well known to keep the pesky bugs under control and Pointy did an excellent job. He was also a very friendly bat. In the early evenings, he would glide down from his perch among the eaves and land on the shoulder of anyone outside. All visitors to Sir Winslow's Zoo were told of this so as not to startle them if they were taking a walk around the zoo to visit the other animals.

The bat stuffed animal's body measures 6 x 6 inches, but his wingspan makes him 18 inches long. Custom orders are available with color and fabric variations and they certainly can be as unique as you want them to be. If you have woodland decor wouldn't it be a great addition? They are perfect for birthday gifts, baby shower gifts or just as stuffed animals.

All of Sir Winslow’s goods are handmade with love in my smoke-free studio. Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Many more animals live in the zoo. To see them click on this link:

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