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Whale Pencil Pouch

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The blue whale pencil case has many uses besides being used for back to school. Do you know a whale watcher or someone who loves beach life? What about a birthday present for an ocean lover to keep their sunglasses in. It would be perfect for an iPod case or a cell phone. If you wear makeup it can be your cosmetic case. Lighten things up and have it hold your menstrual supplies. So many wonderful uses for the blue whale.

Blue whales are magnificent ocean creatures. Sir Winslow sailed on a voyage that followed a pod of whales for days before they lost track of them. It gave him plenty of opportunities to study how they interacted with each other, even with the ships that were tracking them. The sketches that are in the journals from Sir Winslow's voyage are quite detailed.

Each whale pouch is made with a crazy quilt technique. I use scraps of blue fabric to create the top layer of the whale which makes them all a bit different. Each pencil pouch will be unique, just like animals in nature. They are fully lined with white fabric that has red lighthouses on it. The whale pencil case measure 6 x 10 inches and it opens several inches with a zipper mouth. Yes, it will hold a full size nicely sharpened pencil.

Please allow a week to be made and then shipped.

The whales come from a smoke-free tank.


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