Valentine Boxes

When we were kids, our valentines were delivered in white paper sacks. We carefully cut out our paper hearts glued them on in artful arrangements and the teacher lined them up, ready to go. If you were lucky she provided doilies and glitter for a special touch.

Things are a little bit different these days. I noticed a trend several years ago when Jake was in elementary school and a note was sent home asking us to make a valentine box. It could be anything we chose, but keep it a shoe box size. Well, creative people love this and Jake and I got to work. For first grade, we made an airplane using lots of tinfoil and toilet paper tubes. 

In 3rd grade our family was into watching Psych, so we made a pineapple.

Our cards read  - I pine for you! (Thanks Facebook for helping me remember!)


People have really stepped up their game...

Here are some great ideas for you! Tons more on Pinterest.



Ok! Have a great day!

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