Unicorns and Rainbows

magic rainbows unicorns

I was putting away Christmas decorations in the attic yesterday. There on a table was a journal. It was very dusty like it had been there for 50 years, yet I had never seen it before. Laying next to it was a very tiny note. I needed binoculars to read these words.

letter from a fairy

From the fairy queen herself! I was very honored to know that she was entrusting me with this. I had only read bits and pieces of the unicorn story before. Only glimpses that made their way into the other tales that Sir Winslow had told. Now I would find out the secrets of the unicorns! Now I can’t share everything I found in this journal but I will do what I feel is allowed by the fairies.

As you know the unicorn is well protected by other magical creatures. Even the location is hard to find unless you know where to look. In all of his travels, Sir Winslow made inquiries about the unicorn and was at last rewarded. A sailor had seen the islands where they were believed to live. He was able to make a trip there and discovered unicorns and other magical creatures. To help protect the unicorns, he decided it was best to leave them there and keep the secret for himself.

At least this is what I thought until now, but as I read the story I was captivated by how kind and gentle the unicorn really was.

Upon arriving on the shore of the island, Sir Winslow set up camp along the tree line. He could already tell that the place was special, it contained flora and fauna he had never seen in any of his other travels. Huge oversized and oh so colorful. One of his companions was an artist and was later recognized for the wallpapers he created.

unusual flowers in strange shapes and colors


The crew bunked down for the night after a supper of a purple grilled fish and orange fruit shaped like a heart. It was balmy weather and the waves lapping on shore lulled them to sleep.

It was decided the next day to take a short trek into the jungle to start exploring for the unicorn and whatever else that might be discovered. There seemed to be clear cut paths and it made sense to take the nearest one. They were able to walk side by side about a mile in and then the path narrowed a bit and sloped down to a sparkling pool.

fairy tale cottage


Surrounding the pool were small cottages that glittered in the sunlight. Flitting about them were the most adorable creatures dressed to fit in with the flowers of the jungle. Bright and cheerful. One of them buzzed right up to Sir Winslow and inquired who he was. After a quick explanation from him, she introduced herself. It was the queen of the fairies herself! Titiana! What a surprise. They had come in search of the unicorn and found so much more. But wait! They hadn’t actually seen any evidence of the magical creatures yet!

Sir Winslow went on the tell the queen that they were simply here to explore, but not to harm anything or creature. Normally on a voyage, they would bring back samples of the flowers and plants and also any animals who were willing to live in the zoo at Windy Willows. He promised that this time all they would do is make sketches and notes in the journals, but not disclose the location or anything else that might lead to the discovery of the secret island. Sir Winslow even promised to let her read the journals before they left.

Queen Titiana decided it was time to let them in on the real wonder of the island! The Unicorns! Off to the right of the pool was another path, smaller and darker and you would miss it unless you knew where is was. Down the path they went.

At the end of this path was an open meadow. Prancing around were the unicorns. And not just one but 20 or more. Foals as well as the older ones with a tinge of gray. Suddenly there was a downpour. And no clouds in the sky! All of the unicorns stopped prancing around and stood still. In an instant, coming from their horns were rainbows of all sizes! It was magnificent! Stunning! Spellbinding!

glowing unicorn and foal

In another instant, the rain stopped and the rainbows floated up and away from the meadow. Queen Titiana explained that the rainbows would find a rain cloud to attach itself to so it could spread joy at the end of a storm.

And that is where rainbows come from.

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