The care and feeding of the animals.

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The zoo at Windy Willows was full of strange and exotic beasts. Sir Winslow had taken care to ensure that each one felt comfortable in their new surroundings. He had the help of his family and staff to make sure every animal was well looked after. The children each had found a favorite creature when they were young and dedicated all of their spare time to feeding, grooming, and playing with them.

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The care of stuffed animals is a different story, however. For the most part, it depends on the fabric used. For instance, we have washed the owl pillows made from minky fabric and they came out fine. Denim, too, will be okay, as well as most other fabrics. But if you have one made out of upholstery, then I think dry cleaning might be the answer.

The two links I am including are pretty basic for washing or cleaning your plushies. They both basically say the same thing, but one article includes other toys as well. I know--how nice of me, right?  While I am not guaranteeing anything, using common sense is always best.

When you buy a stuffed animal from Sir Winslow’s Zoo, they come to you already hugged once by my children to ensure they have plenty of love to pass on. Enjoy each and every purchase you make!

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