Some Fun Things about My Family

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As gray days of foggy fall approach, I thought I would share some things that have happened in our family.

Let’s start with toddler Anna, boy do we have a couple of doozies!

  1. An entire tube of A&D ointment in her hair. - Took Dawn soap and several washings to get it out.
  2. About the same time in her life she would take off all of her clothing - diaper included and then fall asleep in the crib for naptime.


Josh is a character too!

  1. The one time he got ahold of the buzzers to “cut my hair like Mr. Scholte” - his elementary principal. I think this was 1st grade. It looked like he had the mange
  2. One time we were at the shoe store and he decided everyone needed to hear “You're a Grand Old Flag” at the top of his lungs.
  3. He is now 14 and LOVES his goats. Every now and then they get in the house. I was on the phone with the insurance lady last time they got in!



Emily is definitely my most serious child.

  1. The day before she had her 8th birthday (and a lemonade stand featured on a talk radio show in Des Moines), she “trimmed” her an angle.
  2. Her love of her dog Luna ( a Great Pyrenees) has led to some pretty funny photos!


Jacob is perhaps my wittiest kid and like his dad talks in his sleep

  1. He loves all things military and hunting. We regularly have a rabbit grilling that he has just gotten and he thinks that is the best supper ever. ( I refuse to try it)
  2. Jake also has a flock of ducks in the backyard. He has dug a pond for them too. It all stems from finding a stray duckling one time and bringing it home.



Andy (my husband) talks in his sleep

  1. Lately, he has been riding motorcycles or bikes and telling me about them while he snoozes.
  2. The best one was calling me “babelicious” one time. Totally sound asleep.

It is really hard to come up with fun things about myself

  1. I used to design jewelry out of fake plastic bugs in high school. And wear it.
  2. I am not crazy about animals! Can you believe it? Yet I make them for a living, and we have a total currently of 20+ animals (dogs, cat, chickens, ducks, and goats) on our little “farm”, Oh what you do for your kids!


I thought I would end with the photo that started all this crazyness over 30 years ago at a harvest party. I am in the turquoise jacket and my hubs in the middle back row. Our parents had met just a few weeks before and decided our families needed to get together. Someday I will tell the full story.

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