Sir Winslow Arrives at the North Pole

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Hi, my name is Snickerdoodle Evergreen, but everyone calls me Snick. I am the manufacturing manager of North Pole Outpost 365. I belong to the North Pole Toy Manufactures (NPTM) Union 1225. I hear that someone has recently been commemorating the travels and tales of Sir Winslow by using his sketches for inspiration. The Big Boss, Santa, asked me to look over the quality and designs. He wanted to know if we could outsource some of our stuffed animals to the folks over at the Zoo. (The answer is yes!)

Sir Winslow came to the North Pole by accident on his travels. He was trying to go from Japan to England by going over the pole and got caught in a blizzard. Sir Winslow’s ship was frozen in place and his team set out by foot to look for help. They headed off following his compass, true North. Along the way, they saw a Polar Bear and a few Penguins. Here are the penguins made from sketches in the journals.


ship in icebergs

The expedition party was starting to get sad, Sir Winslow was getting concerned, but he had done a lot of research. He was heading North on a hunch. Do you know what a hunch is? It is like your gut feeling or intuition, you are not sure why, but you know it to be true. This is what Sir Winslow had. He was sure he could find Santa!

Right then one of the expedition party members exclaimed, “Look! What’s that?”

Sir Winslow looked up and saw the most beautiful sight! A herd of Reindeer. Eight of them to be exact.

reindeer laying in snow

As the party got closer the reindeer stayed put. Most wild animals get spooked by humans. They got close to one and the collar around the neck read, “Dasher.” As they all looked more closely, each one had a different name on the collar.

Sir Winslow clapped his hands together and exclaimed, “We are here!” Then, just out of the sight sleigh bells could be heard and a sled full of straw came into view. There were elves dispensing the straw for the herd of reindeer.

As a side note, that was Jingle and Sparks. Back then they were on the sleigh team and barn duty roster. Jingle now works at Outpost 182 and Sparks works with the electronics engineering team. Back to the striped elf hat

Jingle was driving the sled and that’s who Sir Winslow addressed.

“Please, can you help my expedition team and me? Our ship is stranded and frozen in place.”

Jingle was surprised and jumped five feet off the sled straight up in the air, “Who are you?!”

Jingle was not being rude. We are not used to seeing strangers around the Pole.

“My name is Sir Winslow. This is my expedition team. We are traveling from Japan to England and were attempting a shortcut when the ship froze into place.”

“We do not normally allow people to come to our village but on this occasion, I think the Big Boss will be OK with your arrival.”

As soon as Jingle and Sparks distributed the straw the team tightly squeezed on the sled. With speed over what appeared to be a sea of snow as far as the eye could see the continued into the night. Sometime later, the big barn came into view and several more elves came to see the unusual arrival. News travels fast at the North Pole Village

.barn in the snow with a beautiful sunset

That’s all the time I have right now, but I will write more soon about the adventures of Sir Winslow and how he came to the North Pole.

Mistletoe and Fudge Greetings,

Hi everyone! I am so happy to bring you Snick’s story! I have a special relationship with the Elves and have had for most of my life. Most of the Elves are shy to talk to humans unless it is part of their responsibilities. Elves are a huge part of how Santa gets all the work done for the Big Day! Santa relies on undercover agents to assist right up until all the children are asleep. (Everyone knows Santa cannot deliver your presents until you are asleep.)

I’ll be bringing you a few questions along with the story so you can follow along.

Feel free to answer in the comments below!

Elf Outreach Coordinator,

1) Is it possible to travel by boat from Japan to England?
2) Have you ever seen a Polar Bear?
3) Do you think Santa was happy to meet Sir Winslow?


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