Sharks and why people love them

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The great white shark items were created to commemorate Sir Winslow's discovery of the many sharks he found during his travels. Shark lovers will find these pieces to be extra special.

When this breed of gray shark was found by Sir Winslow he was sailing in the Pacific Ocean. He watched them for many days, observing how they traveled in the water, what they ate and how they defended themselves.

I’ve been reading some other blogs about why people love sharks and this is what they have said.

great white shark

Today we know more about the shark but it is still wrapped in an air of mystery. We know that the shark is beautiful. They all move with grace and purpose. They are perfectly adapted to their environments. They help to create and keep our oceans the fantastic biologically diverse places they should be. Sharks are the guardians of our waters. They deserve our respect and our appreciation.

They are the 'bad boys' of the sea. This means that they look mean but are actually harmless, like James Dean.

Everyone thinks of the great white shark first, but there are almost 400 species of sharks that come in all shapes, sizes and even colors — like the pink goblin shark. They also live in a wide variety of habitats, including beneath the ice of the Arctic.


You should be jealous of sharks. When you're a top predator, your teeth are your most important tool, so sharks make sure that they never run out. If a tooth falls out, it's not an issue because sharks have rows of replacement teeth.

And it was recently discovered that the surface of shark teeth is 100 percent fluoride — the same ingredient that's added to toothpaste to make your own teeth strong.

saw tooth shark

These are just a few of the things I read when learning about sharks. Not something to be feared, but something to be admired.

You are able to visit the sharks in Sir Winslows Zoo here in Sea Creatures

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