Rocky Raccoon

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While he is not a new design, I have never had him for sale on any of my sites before.

My dad asked for a raccoon fairly early on and I made one for him. That pillow sits in a child's rocking chair in my parents' bedroom. As a side note, the chair was made for him by his grandfather, so it’s pretty special.

The other raccoons I have made were either for craft shows or requested by customers. I even did a valentine theme one year with “Heart Bandit” It was really cute! Pretty sure I deleted those photos a long time ago tho.

The thing about raccoons is they are far more interesting than just blobs of roadkill along the highway. They get a bad rap as the garbage can thieves and pests in general. Of course, these things are all true, but there is good stuff too.

Due to escapes at zoos and other escapades, raccoons are pretty much a worldwide animal. Native to North America, they originally made their homes in the woodland areas. Now we see them everywhere, which is why they are considered “pests” Who remembers the movie Over the Hedge? Yup, kinda a messy animal!

They are however also an intelligent animal too. I have read they can remember a task for up to 3 years. The article also mentioned a study from 1908 that raccoons can undo locks. Hmmmm...

Please feel free to comment, especially if you have had a hands-on experience with one of these creatures!

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