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Birthdays come along once a year. Children seem to enjoy this way more than we do! For us adults? Most would rather skip and just have a nice meal out. Well I would anyway.

But what about kids? Kids NEED stuff. (say that with some whine in your voice!)  I thought I would compile some ideas about what gifts are great at what age. Some are fun ideas, some are a bit more practical.

1st, 2nd and 3rd  Birthdays

Kids at this age are learning to walk, talk and interact with adults or older children. Keep the toys easy and not a lot of parts or pieces.

So think about things that are easy to hold onto, like a play lawn mower or, another walk behind toy. Board books are perfect, they take a lot of abuse from biting and dropping, but introduce kids to reading. (one book a night equals 1,095 by the time they are 3) A doll with simple features and clothes that are attached work for both boys and girls.

If you are someone who likes to make gifts, Pinterest has age-appropriate ideas for busy bags/boxes that promote hand-eye coordination. Toddler Activities

letter busy box

4th and 5th Birthdays

What makes a child this age happy? They are starting to read, should be able to dress themselves and ready to enter into some sort of schooling.

How about a board game like Break the Ice or Hungry Hungry Hippo? Drawing and other easy craft have become part of their lives. I found a “cake” that is made up entirely out of markers and paper and other fun crafty things for a perfect gift. Can you see their eyes light up when they see that?

art supply cake

Items that are sports or adventure related. Scooters or explorer kits are great!

6th, 7th and 8th  Birthdays

Peer pressure has hit! What are they watching on Netflix? A t-shirt relating to their favorite show would be great! What did their friend get at their birthday party? Get that for them and you’ll be just fine.

basic tshirt

And please be sure to look on Etsy to support your favorite t-shirt place first!

9th and 10th  Birthdays

In my experience, girls at this age are finding out what they like in clothes, ways to do their hair and yet still like the thought of being a kid. So a day out at the mall or if you don’t want to go that crazy, then a gift card to a store at the mall is perfect.

Boys are a bit different. The ones in my house were still into Nerf Guns, tools of any sort, pocket knives(they don’t seem to be outgrowing this one!) and oooh flashlights! I know that last one sounds crazy, but they love to play outdoors after dark and always need a flashlight!

kids flashlight

11th and 12th Birthdays

So the tweens have hit? I will admit the ideas get tougher as they get older’

Boys want fun! Legos, remote control cars. Do you have one that’s into the outdoors? What about some camping gear and then actually take them camping. Experiences are so valuable at this age. Make a memory before they are grown up!

Girls want headphones, cameras, cute pj's. What about helping them paint their room a new color and a new bedspread?

cute camera

13th  and up….you are on your own! Throw money at them….

One practical thing I have been doing is getting them a subscription box for this birthday. Emily got Ipsy, Anna wanted Bocandy and Josh turns 13 this August so we are looking for his.

And you know at any age a stuffed animal is perfect. Check in often to see what new creatures are available at our zoo. Here is our Fairy Tale collection.

Do you have any suggestions? I know how difficult it is to make it meaningful, but also something they WANT. Good luck!

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