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My friend from That Art Girl on Facebook ( wrote a really fun article about llamas and we are swapping for our blogs. So take it away Marylou!


Are you down with Llama Mania? So, like, they’re all the rage these days. The kids just can’t get enough of these beasts of burden from south of the Equator. It just might be that Llamas are more popular than (dare I say it?)…. the beloved unicorn! (gasp!)

If you are a grown-up looking to buy a gift for a kid this season, or someone equally as cool, you’ve got to consider a darling Llama. Here are some fun facts about llamas courtesy of National Geographic:


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lama glama (hee hee)

TYPE: Mammals

DIET: Herbivores

SIZE: Height at the shoulder, 47 in

WEIGHT: 250 lbs


First of all, have you caught those kids doing the Floss Dance all over the place? That dance along with many others is from the game Fortnite. It’s wildly popular with the youngins. Guess what they’ve got right there in the game? Not a monkey. Not a puppy. But a Llama that looks like a piñata. Very hip, indeed. There are also llamas to be found (and rode, no less) in the old favorite Minecraft.

Speaking of hip, my girls at Sir Winslow’s Zoo are tickled to be featured on Etsy’s gift guide with their Llama pillow. This is quite an honor to be highlighted in this way, not to mention that it’s just about the cutest stuffed llama you ever did see!llama stuffed animal with books

We’ve got our own llama right here at That Art Girl. She’s all decked out and appropriately accessorized with her tassels and other Llama Flair. She’s standing right next to a cactus, making her right at home and ready for you to color. Here’s an example that my 10-year-old son colored for me.

boy coloring llama picture

So this Holiday Season, ya’ gotta get on board with the Llama Trend, And please, let’s see to it without any of that Llama Drama!

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  • Mary Lou on

    You gals are the best! Thank you for sharing!!!

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