Indoor play rooms I love!

Our animal this week is the otter and we all know otters love to play. I was looking on Pinterest today and I want to share some of the great indoor play areas I found. With winter approaching now is a good time to set these into motion!


I am unabashedly starting with my favorite. Its a dollhouse/village gone crazy! I love the simplicity of it. It is boxes and crates stacked and the backs covered with pretty paper. We have priced those fancy dollhouses at Hobby Lobby and they are crazy expensive. This is a way better idea!


boxes of doll houses and village



In case you just are not sleepy enough, you can climb the wall! Ok but seriously how cool is this for an active toddler? 

bpy climbing wall


How many of us have a basket of yarn scraps sitting around? Add some long sticks and you have a "tent" for playtime. 

colorful stick tent


I didn't even know these were available for indoor fun! Let your future gymnast work off some energy and then swing into bed!

ondoor hanging rings


This play area is all decked out for some serious climbing and swinging! This idea is perfect for any family size! I think it would have gotten a lot of use at our house. Too bad mine are past this stage. Oh, wait! Grandkids....

Indoor play area

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