Gage and His Chickens

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Once upon a time was a little boy named Gage. He sure loved chickens! You could even say they are his best friends. He will be having a chicken-themed birthday party in a couple of months.

For Gage, I made a fuzzy white chicken. I had been planning on making them for a while, but I wasn’t getting to it. Most of the animals have come about that way, I need a reason to create them. His mom showed me the pictures she had taken. You can see how delighted he is his new friend.

The next items Gage’s mom ordered for him were a chicken pencil case and a stocking. When she brought them home he informed her that is was a sleeping bag for the chicken. The next morning she discovered he had slept with it right next to him. The chicken pencil pouch was all nestled in the stocking. The chicken’s name is Colin and he needed snuggles. Colin is headed to school next week to keep Gage company. The stocking will also remain out because when mom was going to put it away he cried. Gotta love this kid!

A chicken blanket? Well, that only makes sense. Let’s do that too!

And last but not least (for now) a tiny chicken backpack pal! Gage’s mom forgot to stop and pick it up and boy was he mad. Thankfully it was safe and sound on his backpack the next day.

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