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One of our dreams is to grow our business to include other moms who want to earn income to help with family expense but also be home with their children and be able to include them in their work. To that end, Bethany and I are very excited to be sharing some news with you.

Rebecca Watson is from a small town in northeast Ohio. She and her husband Bud have two small children Levi and Caroline. Bud works in the trucking industry and Rebecca trained as a vet tech. She worked at a local clinic until she went into labor at 27 weeks with Levi. She was put on bed rest (of course) and has now stayed at home with both of her little ones.

A big part of their family life is racing. It is something they do together as a family in the summer months. Now Rebecca said that being a zookeeper will give them something to do together in the colder months of the year. Yes, even Bud is getting involved in helping the Zoo!

Being a craft person is second nature to her. She loves to work with fibers of all sorts. Felting, making pompoms, and weaving are crafts she has been interested recently.

We became friends on Facebook after she found me in a group that I use for my photography called Modern Kid Models. Levi wanted a cow so that was really what sealed the deal for him! He will even be a part of this as a future zookeeper by carrying around business cards in his horse backpack pal!

Recently we began to explore some ideas about how she could help at the zoo. At first, she was my accountability partner and kept me on track as far as reaching some short-term goals was concerned. Then a few weeks ago we started looking at stores in her area that might be interested in selling Sir Winslow’s Zoo stuffed animals. And we found some!

The best part of all, of course, is her wanting to really get out there and sell at craft shows during the holiday season. Bethany and I are really happy to have her as a fellow zookeeper here at the zoo!

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