Briana Joins the Zoo

Briana zookeeper

Bethany, Rebecca and I would like to welcome a new member to our team at the zoo! We are excited to have another zookeeper, Briana!

Late last fall I received an email from Briana asking if she could join us. She explained she loves animals, could sew and well, a bunch of other great stuff! I knew that taking on another person selling our animal pillows would be a bit of a stretch for me in the midst of the holiday season. She had ordered a couple of items from Rebecca and so we decided to have her wait until after she gave them to her children as Christmas gifts. To test the durability, and mostly to see how much her children loved the stuffies!

In early January I reached out to Briana to see if she was still interested. You bet she was! It takes a bit of paperwork and file sharing, even as small as we are to get things going. But here we are, all set up and she is already selling in her neck of the woods. Whoo Hoo!

To let you get to know her as well, I have some pictures to share and she is going to tell you a bit about herself:

I guess some basic information would be that my husband and I both grew up in Erie PA and we now live in central Florida with our two kids, Annalyse and Greyson. Because we wanted to escape the snow.

smiling family


I’m a vet tech/receptionist at a local vet clinic, I’m also a published author. My husband is an executive chef. My favorite thing to do when not working is playing with my kids but I also love reading and cooking. My most prominent personality traits would be that I’m a go-getter, optimistic, and ambitious. I love learning new things and finding different ways to solve problems.

mom with her 2 kids


I have a love/passion for animals which basically leads to almost everything in my life (hence the zoo)! I’m crafty and also paint. - Briana’s words

Hardworking or confident would be good words to describe what I have seen so far! She did an unboxing live video which was really fun to watch. Briana's Unboxing. Clicking the link will get you to her Facebook page. I am so glad to have her alongside of our adventure!

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