Bethany and Meg and Marmalead

Recently we were in Vegas at a conference for makers. It was called Flourish Fusion and it was about running our handmade businesses. So many new friends were made and connections established.

We were exploring our hotel which was very cool and artsy - Artisan Hotel and had wandered out to the pool area. I struck up a conversation with a couple of guys out there, just being chatty because I  figured they were a part of our conference. Turns out they were Ritchie and Gordan  - The Marmalead Guys!

Now to most of you in the regular world, this means not a lot. To those of us who have Etsy shops, this is a big deal. they run a website that helps us to be found when you are doing a search on Etsy's site. 

Well long story short, they asked if it would be ok to interview Bethany and me about the lives we do on our Facebook page. Watch one here. we call them our "Name it and "Claim it Live Sale" where we showcase new products and one of a kind pieces.

Today I got an email from them saying the video and a blog post was up on their website. It's very exciting to see the response from other makers and inspire them to try this on their Facebook pages as well.

Finally here is the video!

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