Back to school time!

back to school pencil cases sharks

School is just around the corner for most of us. How many moms are out there celebrating that fact? Can you tell I am one of them?

old school house

While I don’t have a plan in place exactly for my kids and shopping here are some ideas to get us all better prepared.

  1. Plan a Pinterest board of school breakfasts.  School Breakfast 
  2. Also, a lunch one if your kids bring theirs with them. Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas on menu planning and such.
  3. Shoes! How hard are your kids on shoes? I know it’s easy to head to Wal-mart for a pair, but I have found spending a bit more on those will decrease the need to buy new ones in just a few months. (lesson learned the hard way over here)
  4. School supplies - ok for this head to Wal-mart. I have done the Amazon route, the Dollar Tree route and you just can’t beat the deals at Wally-world.I also have one less in school this year, so that might just cut the bill in half!
  5. Sir Winslow’s Pencil Cases. Yeah, you know how wonderful they are if you’ve tried them! AND the shark ones are on sale this week! 25% off!!!!!

What are some tips you have learned along the way? I would love to have you share them in the comments

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